We Are Winkel Games

We're creating the best in interactive entertainment by making games that change the way people have fun.

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Winkel is based in central London and has a clear strategy to develop and publish hyper-casual mobile games. Comprised of an industry-experienced team, we have started from scratch with no pre-conditions, no baggage, no boundaries and no games! Everything is new, exciting and fun.

We are developing several products right now, and aim to launch them soon. However, you may not see them if we do not believe they are exceptional. We are a rapid-design, prototype and development company. If the prototypes don’t meet our expectations, we will not release them. On top of that, we have a fail-fast mentality that we are applying to our soft launches.

It may be early, but once we have settled, we aim to begin publishing after a few products under our belt. We will be looking to help others bring their games to market. So stay tuned.



Our Offices

Our Studio in London

We are currently brainstorming and working on rapid prototypes of several game ideas. We are looking to create several prototypes a month and work on and flesh out the ones that stand out to us.

We believe that making something very quickly can be a lot of fun. Designing games the “proper” way is a slow process, with the final products months/years away from completion. After all that time, you can often find the original idea has been lost amongst a load of bloat and fluff. Building rapid-prototype games give you immediate satisfaction. It allows you to focus your efforts and channel energy into the ideation and creative process. However, it’s essential to have time restraints on this process to prevent stagnation or over-thinking.