Development - Backend

At Winkel, we have our sights set on becoming one of the biggest names in the mobile gaming space, and that's just for starters! We're always keen to hear from talented people looking to expand on their experience and be a part of an exciting team and great company. 


We work on small and exciting projects, from rapid-prototyping to full-blown mobile games.


With a split of internal and external dev teams, we look to maximise our output and efforts wherever possible. Our in-house dev team is our centre of excellence and will work on a wide range of projects, concepts and tools. Our external dev partners work closely with our internal team to help us create and build a fantastic portfolio of products. 


Our team is comprised of industry veterans


We have many skilled and experienced games industry team members, who have worked at companies like Ubisoft, Square-Enix, King, Namco Bandai to name but a few. However, we still love to learn and develop on our skills and abilities and know there is still a wealth of knowledge and experience to be had. We always look to push our boundaries, and you can too.


We have an open approach to game dev, no idea is a bad one and everyone is invited to share theirs


With a small but growing team, it is always important to us to hear feedback, ideas and suggestions from all team members, not just the ones whose job it is to be creative! We are all gamers, and we all know what we like, so it's important to us that everyone feels able to share ideas and concepts. 


At Winkel we try to ensure that the tools and technologies we utilise are both cutting edge, and exciting


We rely heavily on the following tools and tech;

  • AWS

  • Node.JS (with Typescript)

  • MongoDB

  • Unity


You should apply if you;

  • you think you’d enjoy the kind of work we’re doing

  • you want to be involved in building games that you and the people you know would play and enjoy

  • you have a product mindset, caring about the end-user experience and making data-informed decisions

  • you’re comfortable working in a team that deals with fluid priorities and challenges

  • you’re interested in designing and writing resilient software and systems

  • you want to work for the next big mobile game studio and publisher


Some of the things we would like to see from you are;


  • Online application development experience in a creative, data-driven industry.

  • Working with RESTful APIs

  •  Secure User Authentication systems

  •  Modern source control and version management systems, including git

  •  Scalable Database design and operation

  • Working in a cloud environment

  • Proven experience in working in IT technical support and experience in supporting private or public cloud infrastructures, virtualised systems

  • System automation experience regarding deployment and configuration management.

  • Container technologies.

  • Managing monitoring and alerting systems, central logging, log analytics, backup and archive solutions


Interview Process


Our interview process is normally a phone interview for introductions and icebreakers, then a 1-2 hour of onsite interviews to delve deeper into work history, skills and aspirations. 

We promise not to ask you any brain teasers or trick questions. We might design a system together on a whiteboard, the same way we often work together, but we won’t make you write code on one.