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Winkel Play Daily – Social Media Competition

Firstly, congratulations on the win! We hope you are enjoying our game. If you would like a chance to win an extra $500, all you need to do is upload a photo of yourself with the Paypal receipt to Instagram/Twitter with these hashtags  #PlayDailyWinners @WinkelPlayDaily.


We would really appreciate it if you could give us a review on Google Play Store. This way, more people will hear from real winners and that we do give away real money. Also, the more people that download the game will mean that, we will give away bigger prizes in the future!


Requirements for Social Media Competition


 example photo

1.  Take a photo of yourself holding the PayPal receipt. 

You can either hold up your phone next to you with the PayPal confirmation email, or you can print the confirmation email and hold it up next to you.

Make sure the picture is taken in a well light environment and is not too dark.


2.  Upload your photo onto Instagram or Twitter.

In the description, you must include: #PlayDailyWinners @WinkelPlayDaily


3.  Follow us on that Social media account.


Conditions for Entering The Competition


  1. Your photo must include the PayPal confirmation, like the example image above. You can also print out the email and hold that instead.

  2. The photo cannot be blurry and must be clear.

  3. Selfies without the PayPal confirmation will not be entered into our competition. 

  4. Your Instagram / Twitter submission must include our hashtags.

  5. If your Instagram / Twitter account is ‘Private’ then we will not be able to verify your entry. You will have to send us your entry via email to

- Your email must include your in-game email address/username

- Your photo, like described above.

- Your Instagram profile name, so we can verify the follow.



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