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Winkel Play Daily

Sweepstakes - Free

Play daily lotto & scratchcards to win real money!

Winkel Play Daily is a brand new real money making game that is completely free to play and gives you the chance to win real cash! Best of all, no purchase is required to play the game.


Winkel Play Daily
Winkel Play Daily
Winkel Play Daily
Winkel Play Daily

4.2 Rating


If you’re the kind of person that loves to shop till you drop, Winkel Play Daily offers both cash prizes and shopping vouchers. Money won within the app can be ‘cashed out’ into the player’s PayPal once you reach a value of £8.

Shopping vouchers can be won with tokens for a huge range of retailers, including John Lewis, Amazon, Waitrose, Currys PC World and TK Maxx…shopping spree anyone?

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I’ve been playing on the app for just over two weeks now and have cashed out $24.25, have another $2 sitting in my pot and I have enough tokens for a £5 gift card (but I’m saving them up to get a £10 one). I’ll make sure to keep a running total here of what I earn from the app over the coming weeks too!
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Reaching top 10 in the U.S market is extraordinary. Winkel Games's take on sweepstakes has achieved great numbers and eagerly awaiting future titles from Winkel.
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Winkel Play Daily

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Winkel Play Daily

Winkel Play Daily

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