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Exclusive Winners Lounge

🎉 Exciting news for all Skill Cash winners! We're rolling out a special monthly competition with not one, but two amazing prizes each month:

  • 1st Prize: A $50 Gift Card

  • 2nd Prize: A $25 Gift Card

How to Enter:

  1. Capture Your Moment: Take a proud photo of yourself holding up your phone with the PayPal confirmation email, or opt for a printed confirmation email held next to you. This photo is your ticket to celebrating your Skill Cash achievements!

  2. Share It: Post your photo on Instagram or Twitter. Make sure to tag us using @PlaySkillCash and hashtag it with #PlaySkillCash. We're excited to see how you share your victory!

  3. Follow Us: Be sure to follow us on the platform you're posting to. We can't wait to celebrate your success!

Example Photo.png

example photo

Monthly Prizes:

  • 1 Winner will receive a $50 Gift Card.

  • 1 Winner will receive a $25 Gift Card.

Selection Process:

  • Winners will be randomly picked from the pool of entries and they will be contacted to verify their information. The winners will then be posted on our social media platforms.

Important Notes:

  • Public Accounts Only: Please ensure your social media account is set to public. Private account submissions cannot be viewed or considered, so switch your settings to public to join in on the fun.

  • No Stories: Submissions will not count if you post it to a story, it has to be a post.

Terms & Conditions:

We're eager to see your submissions and share in your achievements. Let's make this competition a blast for everyone involved. Ready, set, #PlaySkillCash!

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