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Winkel Play Daily is a brand new lifestyle Sweepstakes experience that is completely free to play and gives you the chance to win real money! Best of all, no purchase is required to play the game

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Looking for a modded APK of Winkel Play Daily?

Getting a modded version of a Winkel Play Daily could be tempting.

But when you come across APKs of Winkel Play Daily, most of the time, what you’re getting is a modified version of our game.

When you download a modified version of Winkel Play Daily, you are installing potentially harmful software that could damage your device.

How do you recognize a modded version of Winkel Play Daily?

Any copy of Winkel Play Daily that is not downloaded through the official Google Play Store should be avoided!

Why Should You NOT Rely
on Modded Winkel Play Daily?

There’s a lot of reasons why you should never use modded versions


Modded software may contain malware.
Malicious code can spread over several files and put your devices at risk of hacker attacks.


Malicious code can steal information from your website. Personal data, usernames, passwords and banking info may be used illegally.

Legal Issues

Modded APKs may involve the distribution of illegal material or data theft, leading to legal proceedings.


You may poteintaly be penlized by our anti-cheating system and could face an account ban.

Denied updates

Most modded APK's prevent you from updating to the latest version on the Google Play Store. This will mean that you are not experiencing the new features when they are available.

No Support

It’s normal to have doubts when using a downloaded APK. Our support team is friendly and ready to help, but only if you have downloaded the official version from the Google Play Store.

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Get it on Google Play
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