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About Winkel Games

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Winkel Games is an innovative mobile gaming company that was founded in 2018 with its headquarters located in the bustling City of London. Our team comprises of dedicated and skilled individuals who are passionate about the gaming industry and aim to provide players with high-quality, engaging and fun-filled games that cater to a diverse range of audiences.

At Winkel Games, our primary focus is on creating hyper-casual and e-sports games that are not only entertaining but also challenging enough to keep players engaged for hours on end. We believe in leveraging the latest advancements in technology to create games that are not only visually appealing but also have smooth and responsive gameplay.

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Our Games

Our Games

Have you tried out our line of exciting games such as Skill Cash, Swiing!, Juump! and Winkel Play Daily? Feel free to download our games and take a look for yourself!

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Skill Cash

eSports - Free

Play traditional classics competitively for a chance to show off your skills and win cash while having fun!

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Sweepstakes - Free

Winkel Play Daily is a brand new real money making game that is completely free to play and gives you the chance to win real cash! Best of all, no purchase is required to play the game.

Juump! Logo

Adventure - Free

JUUMP is a fast-paced, endless arcade climber. Super quick to learn but highly rewarding to master. Jump, slide and dodge through a dangerous world. How far can you get?

Juump Character
swiing! logo

Adventure - Free

Swiing is a one-touch arcade platformer, where the objective is to race across the terrain as fast as you can while avoiding hazards and pit-falls! Be all you can be, be the Swiing King!

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